ScaleFactor Pricing 2020

ScaleFactor Pricing 2020

They’ve been swift in responding to requests or questions, and overall we haven’t had to think about our accounting systems since we completed onboarding. Both Bench and ScaleFactor offer standard monthly bookkeeping services, including categorizing transactions, reconciling accounts, and producing financial statements such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

All of the options offer cash forecasting (a plan that shows how much money a business expects to receive in and pay out over a given period of time), which is considered a bookkeeping must-have. ScaleFactor offers bill pay and payroll administration, while Bench and Pilot do not. Additionally Bench and ScaleFactor packages do not include inventory tracking.

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Botkeeper can be your first bookkeeper, work hand-in-hand with your current team, or even replace the need for an entire accounting department. Bench does not offer tax filing directly, and a Bench client’s CPA would be expected to work with the proprietary Bench general ledger as opposed to the more widely known accounting software platforms (like QuickBooks and Xero). Accrual basis bookkeeping is often used by larger companies that exceed $5 million.

Cash basis bookkeeping is often used by companies that have less than $5 million of gross sales per year. The cash basis method makes it much easier to account for transactions, since complex accounting transactions like accruals and deferrals are not needed. Most small business owners are able to comfortably implement the cash basis method. The biggest convenience of cash accounting is that it’s simple; the business recognizes revenue once it receives the cash, and it recognizes expenses when payment is sent.

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Six years later ScaleFactor has more than 1,000 customers and big names in tech investing as backers. With ScaleFactor bookkeeping software, you can take care of invoice collection in just a few clicks. You can notify customers when you send an invoice to send automatic reminders to them at fixed intervals. This will save you time because you will not have to collect them manually. ScaleFactor is a smart, automated bookkeeping software that does the bookkeeping work for you and allows you to focus on what you do best.

Both offer outsourced payroll services, tax preparation, and dashboards that allow users to track all accounts and transactions at a glance. Second, we tried hiring an accounting firm that was going to do our taxes to also do our book keeping.

As a CPA, I understand each of the features and add-ons, but small business owners without an accounting background may not understand what’s needed in their situation. In that case, they would need to have a conversation with a sales rep to get help figuring out which options they’ll need. ScaleFactor founder and chief executive Kurt Rathmann started the company from his living room after working as the CFO for a small business. Trained at KPMG, Rathmann was frustrated by the small business constraints he faced when it came to managing accounting and financing. Obsessing about how to meld the two became his pastime, leading him to form the company in 2014.

  • Business owners want (and need) to focus on their products and services as well as growing their company.
  • Nowadays, computerization and automation occupy a leading place in all types of activities of enterprises and institutions.
  • ScaleFactor is a smart, automated bookkeeping software that does the bookkeeping work for you and allows you to focus on what you do best.

After all, your business is unique, and some features may be necessary, while others—not so much (and you certainly don’t want to be forced to pay for unusable features). Most software product are truly just software with little backbone behind it. Outputs are only as good as the inputs but sometimes teams don’t have the capability to create good inputs. ScaleFactor has been amazing because they have a full team supporting our account behind the software.

For that reason, it’s preferred by investors and venture capitalists. When it comes to bookkeeping, Botkeeper, ScaleFactor, Pilot, and Bench are all capable choices worthy of your consideration. Each can tackle most of your bookkeeping tasks and help you focus on more important things (like, you know, growing your business). ScaleFactor allows businesses to capture expense details and categorize them under suitable headers.

The solution tracks regular cash flow and identifies patterns in daily transactions to notify and alert accountants in case of any abnormalities. Employees can ScaleFactor Review submit their business expenses and check the status of claims online. That’s one area where ScaleFactor might miss the mark with some small business owners.

This method is required for business owners that need to account for inventory, accounts receivable (AR), and accounts payable (AP). The big benefit of an accrual system is that it provides better information for meaningful decision-making. Accrual basis bookkeeping gives business owners a realistic picture of cash flow, as revenue is earned and all expenses are incurred.

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Manage your business’ accounting, tax, and financial decisions in just a few minutes a week. You can easily connect to hundreds of different bank, credit card, CRM, payroll, and project management solutionswith just a few clicks. Your information is secure and protected with bank-grade security, and more connections can be added at any time. We have no limits, no surprises, and no price bumps for connecting or integrating your accounts to Botkeeper. We’ll be hard at work extracting data from receipts, processing payroll, paying bills, sending invoices, reconciling accounts, and generating beautiful reports—so you have more time for what matters most to your business.

When that didn’t work, we finally hired a freelancer online through Upwork but she was very slow. When Scale Factor reached out to us, we were highly skeptical of their approach and also the cost that they were quoting to us.

However, after being on-boarded, they took over managing our payroll and migrated it from Quickbooks to Gusto. They also helped us manage our book keeping with the daily reconciliations. All of a sudden we went from spending a lot of time compiling our financial data to actually reviewing it and making more effective business decisions.

No two bookkeeping software solutions are exactly alike, which is a good thing since no businesses are exactly alike, either. Investing in the right bookkeeping solution depends on factors specific to your business and industry.